Some tips for a trip to India alone

Tips for India
Image Some tips for a trip to India alone

Did you know that traveling alone recharges your energy more than when you are accompanied? Have you ever planned a trip to India all by yourself? A very interesting country in all respects, India is worth visiting. It's a unique place to be enjoyed to the fullest, so it's important to have in mind some tips when traveling.

Caution is the mother of safety

  • It's necessary to be patient when talking with someone. Life in India is in perpetual effervescence but in its rhythm, then don't hesitate to take your time to appreciate discussing with people and admire the landscapes.
  • Dress like the Indian: It's important to note that strangers make people curious and being stared at will make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure to wear suitable clothes, the same as what Indian people have on, to avoid being odd and for you to go unseen among local people. Respecting a conservative and traditional way of life, Indians are not really open to other taste of clothes or fashion style than their usual ones.
  • Be careful with strangers: In India, it's really advised to take distance for strangers. As they are not used to seeing other people, they will stare at you; it's natural and normal for them. However, if strangers want to be your friends without any reason, beware because everyone may not have good intentions. It doesn't mean that India's people are nasty but some of them act differently towards foreigners. It's not scaring if you take precautions: be sociable but do not get too close to anyone you meet.
  • Respect Indian cultures: India still has the caste system. Then, pay attention to how people react to each other. If the sanction for the Indians is the blame or the ban, for the tourists, if they do not agree with you, they will not hesitate to disapprove you socially, especially if you do not respect the culture.
  • Keep your identity cards: You should always have all your identity documents such as passports and identity cards when you move around in India. It's useful to have the number of your hotel or your travel agency to be in contact at any time, especially if you do not feel safe in some places. This tip is useful, especially for women.

Be careful

More important than knowing these tips, being careful is the best way to be safe and enjoy your stay while traveling on your own. Moving alone can fulfill our need to recharge our battery but it can be risky. But you don't have to worry, you can rely on a travel agency to help you; Opodo is one of the best options to plan your trip well.

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Traveling alone is not as dangerous as we think it can be if we are careful. Sometimes, leaving your home for another place at the other end of the world will only bring you good. Pack your suitcase and travel alone in India. Follow the tips above and everything will be okay.